Sino Bearings is a trading company powered by Chengdu Sino Technology&Industry Co.,Ltd. (popular known as SinoTI company). SinoTI is a professional automobile and motorcycle parts supplier located in South West China, mainly supplying bearings, roller chains, oil seals, snap rings, and some parts work on automobile. Controlling and sharing together with the large-scale manufacturing base in South West China, we supply Chinese top quality products and service. In after-sales markets, our supplying covers all the main countries, with lots of agents and distributors in more than 60 cities worldwide. Our over 10 years' experience brings us high reputation and trust. We welcome every purchaser to contact us and join our fast-growing sales network over the world.

█ Why choose us ?

High quality, very competitive prices, wide range of products, professional service and solution, real-time communication, fast delivery, over ten years sales experience in Europe and America, high reputation and absolute trust from every customer, lots of agents and distributors worldwide.

█ What we supply ?

We supply all types of ball, roller and sliding bearings, with related accessories.; we supply wide range of roller chains for transmission and conveyance, including automobile, motorcycle and tractor; we also supply many kinds of oil seals, snap rings, sprockets, gears, pulleys, belts, couplings, and some other parts for automobile.

█ How to do ?

Send us your inquiries, tell us your usages, then release all work to us. We'll do everything before your end-use. We also supply tool kits for some special use. If you have good enough markets and sales net, we welcome you to be our distributor or agent in your city or your country.