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Thrust ball bearing and thrust roller bearing difference

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-20
In general working conditions, the friction coefficient of rolling bearing is small, will not change with the change of friction coefficient, relatively stable;
Small starting and running torque, small power loss, high efficiency.
The radial clearance of rolling bearings is small, and can be eliminated by axial preloading method, so the operation accuracy is high.
The axial width of rolling bearings is small. Some bearings bear radial and axial composite loads at the same time. The structure is compact and the combination is simple.
Rolling bearings are standardized parts with a high degree of standardization and can be produced in batches, so the cost is low and the price is cheaper

1, ball bearing and roller bearing are the two basic types of rolling body different from the two basic types of rolling bearing:
Ball → ball bearing.
Roller to roller bearing.
2. The difference between the ball and the roller is the way it contacts the raceway.
1) Point contact between the ball and the raceway of the bearing ring.
As the load acting on the bearing becomes larger and larger, the contact point becomes an oval area.
The small contact area can make the rolling friction smaller, so that the ball bearing can adapt to high speed while limiting its bearing capacity.
2) Line contact between roller and bearing ring raceway.
As the load on the bearing becomes larger and larger, the contact line will become a kind of rectangle.
Because of the larger contact area and the resulting friction, roller bearings can withstand heavier loads but at lower speeds than ball bearings of the same size
3. Compared with ball bearings, rolling bearings have some disadvantages
Rolling bearing rolling body and pipeline contact area is small, especially ball bearing, impact resistance is poor.
Due to the structural characteristics of rolling bearings, the radial clearance is relatively large, resulting in greater vibration and noise.
The life of rolling bearings decreases at high speed and heavy load.
The inner and outer rings of rolling bearings adopt integral structure, and partial structure cannot be used, resulting in the difficulty of bearing installation in the middle of the long shaft
4. Compared with rolling bearings, ball bearings have some disadvantages
Oil bearing in a long time after use, the grease volatile
Bearing wear
It will be very noisy later
Life is short
But the choice of bearings is still based on the specific use of the situation, the use of environment and other aspects to choose their own appropriate bearings.