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Classification of thrust bearings

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-20

Thrust ball bearing is a kind of separation type bearing, the shaft ring, seat ring and cage, steel ball components can be separated. The shaft ring is a ring matched with the shaft, the seat ring is a ring matched with the bearing seat hole, and there is a gap between the shaft; Thrust ball bearings can only withstand axial loads,
One-way thrust ball bearings can only bear axial load in one direction,
Bidirectional thrust ball bearing can bear axial load in both directions;
Thrust ball bearings can not limit the radial displacement of the shaft, the limit speed is very low,
Unidirectional thrust ball bearings can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the housing in one direction,
Bidirectional bearings can limit axial displacement in both directions.
Thrust roller bearings are used to bear axial and radial combined loads mainly due to axial load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this kind of bearing has lower friction coefficient, higher speed and self-aligning performance.
The ROLLER OF TYPE 29000 BEARING is an asymmetric spherical roller, which can reduce the relative sliding of roller and raceway in the work, and the roller is large in length and diameter, with a large number of rollers and a high load capacity. It is usually lubricated by oil, and grease can be used for some low speed cases. In the design and selection, should be the first choice;
80000 TYPE thrust cylindrical roller BEARING, 90000 type thrust tapERED ROLLER BEARING AND AXK TYPE THRUST NEEDLE ROLLER bearing can bear UNIDIRECTIONAL axial load, which is much larger than the axial load capacity of thrust ball bearing, and has large rigidity and occupies small axial space.
Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings are suitable for occasions with low speed, and the speed of thrust tapered roller bearings is slightly higher than that of thrust cylindrical roller bearings.