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How to superfinish thin wall bearing?

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-28
1. Bearing cutting
In the process of bearing cutting, the grinding stone is first subjected to the anti-cutting action of the bearing workpiece, why do you say so? Because when the surface of the grindstone is in contact with the convex peak of the rough raceway surface, the contact area will be relatively small, so the force per unit area will be relatively large. Under the action of such pressure, the grindstone is first subjected to the anti-cutting action, and under this action, part of the magic on the surface of the grindstone begins to fall off and break. As a result, some of the grindstone fragments and edges are exposed. When the grinding stone is subjected to reverse cutting, the workpiece surface of the bearing will be subjected to the rapid cutting action of the grinding stone. Under the action of cutting and reverse cutting, the convex peak and metamorphic layer on the bearing surface can be removed. This whole process is what we call the cutting phase. The purpose of this stage of action is to remove part of the metal allowance.
2, bearing half cutting
Here, the cutting and half cutting of bearings should be distinguished. Along with the cutting action, bearing sell you raised will be gradually smooth, as a result, bearing the workpiece and the millstone of contact area becomes large, the corresponding changes in plants could also become smaller, the pressure on unit area of the cutting depth will become smaller, cutting ability is abate, along with the machining process, porosity will be cutting down on the surface of the stone block of impurities, The action of the grinding stone is halved, which is the so-called half cutting state. The result of this process is that the cutting marks on the surface of the bearing workpiece become shallower and have a darker luster.
3, finishing
This is the step of super finishing the bearing. Finishing is divided into two stages, the grinding transition stage and the grinding stage at the end of cutting. In the whole finishing process, as the workpiece surface is gradually ground, the contact area between the grindstone and the workpiece surface further increases, and the grindstone and the workpiece surface of the thin wall bearing are gradually isolated by the lubricating film, the pressure per unit area is small, the cutting effect is reduced, and then the cutting automatically stops. In the finishing stage, there is no cutting trace on the workpiece surface, and the bearing presents a bright finished luster