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What aspects should be paid attention to for thin wall beari

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-28
1, the grinding stone amplitude is small
In super finishing, the amplitude of the grindstone must be reduced, its amplitude should not be adjusted too large, if the amplitude is too large, there will be some excessive success, although the production efficiency of the bearing goes up, but the roughness of the surface decreases, and the quality will follow the decline. Since it is super fine, slow work is required to work carefully, not because of the rush to succeed and affect the quality of the project.
2, superfine time to be long
At this point, it is necessary to say at the same time as the small amplitude of the grinding stone mentioned above, it is necessary to emphasize the problem of slow work and fine work. If the superfinishing is completed at a relatively fast speed in a very short time, it is easy to cause the result of bad surface roughness. Such superfinishing is of poor quality and meaningless.
3, reduce the pressure of the grinding stone
After the start of super finishing, we should always pay attention to the pressure of the super finishing stone. If the pressure is too high, we should find a way to reduce the pressure of the grinding stone in time. If the pressure of the grinding stone is not solved soon, it will lead to the end face scratching, so that the super finishing process in front of us will be wasted.