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What is cast steel bearing seat?

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-10-11
The appearance is relatively heavy, the appearance is a little rough, cast steel, because cast steel hardness is high, generally difficult to polish, very smooth
The easiest thing to do is to see if there's any paint or if you put a little paint on an inconspicuous area it must be steel.
Bearings are used to determine the relative motion position of the rotating shaft and other parts, and play a supporting or guiding role. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotation body to reduce the friction coefficient of mechanical load in the process of equipment transmission. According to the different friction characteristics of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.
Bearing seat is a kind of large and extra large bearing seat which can bear comprehensive load and has special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance. Where there are bearings, there are support points. The inner support point of the bearing is the shaft, and the outer support is the so-called bearing seat. Because a bearing can choose different bearing housing, a bearing housing can choose different types of bearings at the same time, so there are many varieties of bearing housing. Bearing seat in Quick and Easy, many large foreign bearing companies also have their own bearing seat directory.
The bearing box is the box part that supports and lubricates the bearing. At the same time, it can withstand the axial force and radial force generated during the operation of the equipment. In equipment with a rotating shaft, the shaft is generally supported and rotated by bearings, which are installed in the bearing housing. The bearing box is filled with lubricating oil. In the working process, bearings are used for lubrication. At the same time, various forces borne by the shaft in the operation process will also be transferred to the bearing box, which is carried by the bearing box. The material of the bearing seat is generally cast iron and cast steel