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The installation of needle roller bearings can be accomplish

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-06
Needle roller bearing is one of many bearing types. Its service effect and service life, like other bearings, also largely depends on its installation quality. In other words, if the needle roller bearing is not properly installed, it will cause a variety of problems, thereby shortening its service life. There are many ways to install needle roller bearings, and each operation step is different.
1. One of the installation methods of needle roller bearings
For different types of needle roller bearings, the corresponding installation method is also different. For needle roller bearings without inner or outer rings, a thin layer of grease can be coated on the rolling surface of the shaft or shell hole before installation. Then the needle is attached to the grease at the installation site.
Attention should be paid to the placement of the last needle roller, to leave a certain gap, do not squeeze the last needle into the needle, in order to avoid the bearing because of stuck and can not rotate.
And for the needle roller bearing with only stamping outer ring, considering its outer ring wall is very thin, so try to install with press, so as to avoid deformation and other problems.
2, needle roller bearing installation method two
In addition to the above methods, the auxiliary sleeve can also be used to complete the installation of needle roller bearings, but also need to brush grease, and then instead of the journal or bearing inner ring of the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve pushed into the outer ring hole, so that the end face aligned with the end face of the installation shaft, and then with a press or hammer to install to the specified position.
3, needle roller bearing installation method three
The third method is different. After brushing the lubricating oil, the auxiliary sleeve is put into the bearing outer ring, so that the auxiliary sleeve and the bearing outer ring constitute a ring hole. After that, the roller needle is installed in the annular hole. When it is finished, just push out the auxiliary sleeve. It is very simple.