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Bearing steel market prices in August or stable small rise

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-09-30
From January to June, 2009, the crude steel output of bearing steel in China decreased by 0.67%, while the production of bearing steel increased by 2.17%. Reviewing the bearing steel market in July, the downstream demand and capital flow support is insufficient, the market price is in a state of continuous decline. Up to now, the average price of round bearing steel 50mm(continuous casting) in China is 5594 yuan/ton, down 560 yuan/ton compared with the end of June, and the month-on-month decline is 9.10%. In the steel demand is expected to pick up month-on-month, and the supply side of a slight reduction in the background, is expected to stabilize the bearing steel market price in August or a small rise.
I. Domestic bearing steel output
(I) Bearing steel production from January to June 2022: steel production increased year-on-year and crude steel production decreased year-on-year
According to the statistics of the Special Steel Association, from January to June 2022, the crude steel output of bearing steel of major premium special steel enterprises in China was 2,506,700 tons, down 0.67% compared with the same period last year; From January to June 2022, the production of bearing steel of China's main premium steel enterprises was 2.20 million tons, up 2.17% compared with the same period last year.

Second, the domestic bearing steel market performance
In July, the overall market price of bearing steel fell sharply, and the performance of downstream demand is still weak. At present, the transfer of steel mill inventory to social inventory has been reflected, the mainstream market bearing steel inventory shows a rising trend, some bearing steel pipe factory inventory pressure highlights. Near stage market in the off-season atmosphere, business confidence is obviously insufficient, market demand has been in a state of inhibition. With the reduction of the severity of the epidemic nationwide, the operating rate of downstream manufacturing enterprises is improved, and the overall demand is expected to increase month-on-month. The market price of bearing steel is expected to stabilize and slightly rise in August.