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Research on unconventional application field of ceramic bear

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-10-14
In the following, three unconventional application fields of ceramic bearings are discussed in depth, which are aerospace ceramic bearings, elite ceramic bearings and medical ceramic bearings.
(1) all-ceramic bearings for space applications
All ceramic bearings in space applications are extremely harsh in space environment. In the process of launching spacecraft, factors such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-high speed and the variable temperature in orbit, as well as cosmic radiation and vacuum, add a layer of barriers to space exploration, which directly affect the normal operation of space exploration equipment. Therefore, manufacturers must be careful when choosing bearings and lubricants, because the impact of a space launch can magnify any small failure to infinity. It has been found in countless space tests that all ceramic bearings are the first choice for aerospace grade bearings. All ceramic bearings can continue to operate at high speed without lubrication, so they perform well in vacuum, and are sometimes called vacuum ceramic bearings. In addition, all-ceramic bearings have some resistance to low temperatures, which makes them ideal bearings for satellites and other projects, such as Mars rovers, especially since Mars may face temperatures as low as 125°C.
(2) Mixed ceramic bearing in the application of elite competition
Ceramic bearings are most suitable for environments that are too harsh for steel bearings, such as extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals or other corrosive liquids. In the Marine environment, hybrid ceramic bearings play their role in corrosion resistance and can provide excellent resistance to saltwater while still maintaining high speed and acceleration capabilities. For example, when racing boats were developed, ceramic hybrid bearings could handle higher loads and their performance would not be affected by seawater invasion. In addition, professional cyclists often choose high-quality hybrid ceramic bearings, that is, hybrid bearings that can be machined into tight tolerance steel rings plus lightweight advanced ceramic balls. In cycling, ceramic hybrid bearings can cope with the high speed of a race while providing low rolling resistance, which means that ceramic hybrid bearings require less effort to spin the wheel, thus saving energy for the athlete.
(3) medical grade ceramic bearings
With the increasing advancement of technology, medical technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Doctors can customize implants based on patient scans, perform surgeries with robots and use technology to diagnose patients remotely. Manufacturers must meet strict regulations when developing equipment for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to prevent contamination, so they must choose the right bearings for the application, that is, bearings for the medical industry. In addition, some medical and surgical equipment must be exposed to harsh chemicals during disinfection. Steel bearings are prone to corrosion in this harsh environment, so abrasive resistant ceramic bearings are usually the better choice to extend the life of equipment. In addition, ceramic bearings are also suitable for clean rooms, because they can operate without lubrication, which further reduces the risk of contamination.
Although ceramic bearings are stiffer than steel bearings, can provide higher size and greater stability, and are resistant to corrosion and heat, they are much more expensive than steel bearings. Therefore, ceramic bearings are more suitable for high-value applications, such as laboratory equipment that must meet precise requirements. In laboratory equipment, the use of the wrong parts increases the risk of contamination, putting the entire study at risk.
Ceramics is one of the oldest industries and we have been using this material for thousands of years. With the design and development of new ceramic materials, ceramic bearings are increasingly showing its advantages, such as high performance, corrosion resistance and so on. Because of these advantages, ceramic bearings can stand out in a range of harsh environment applications.