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Measuring and adjusting method of bearing clearance

From:SINO BEARINGS2022-07-07

1 bearing clearance
There is a certain gap between the inner and outer rings of rolling bearings and the rolling body, so there can be relative displacement between the inner and outer rings. When there is no load, one ring is fixed and the other ring moves from one limit position to another limit position along the radial and axial directions of the bearing, which are called radial clearance and axial clearance respectively.
According to the state of the bearing, clearance is divided into three kinds.
(1) Original clearance. Refers to the clearance of the rolling bearing in the free state before installation, which is determined by the manufacturer's processing and assembly.
(2) Mounting clearance, also known as matching clearance. It is the clearance between the bearing and the shaft and the bearing seat when they are installed and not yet working. The mounting clearance is smaller than the original clearance due to interference mounting, either an increase in the inner ring, a decrease in the outer ring, or both.
(3) Working clearance. When the rolling bearing is in the working state, the temperature rise of the inner ring is the largest, the thermal expansion is the largest, so that the bearing clearance is reduced; At the same time, due to the effect of load, the contact between the rolling body and the raceway produces elastic deformation, which increases the bearing clearance. Whether the working clearance of the bearing is larger or smaller than the installation clearance depends on the comprehensive effect of these two factors