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Bearings for Rocket Propulsion Engine

CindyDec 05, 2023

Projects which help to inspire and guide the next generation of engineers are important to precision bearing specialists CARTER Manufacturing and their sponsorship of ‘Launch Canada 2023’ competition is a good example. Their partnership with the successful launch of the first project has been arranged through their US based facility CARTER AMERICAS who are sponsoring ‘Launch Canada’ on a non-profit basis.

Carter’s unique experience in developing and supplying bearings for cryogenic applications has proven to be extremely helpful to the Launch Canada Group, helping to guide the next generation of students towards successful launches of aircraft using ‘greener energy’ solutions. Erick Sloan, Chief Operating Officer of Carter Americas comments, “We are supplying bearings for a LOX-Kerosene engine which has been designed to perform under extreme conditions including exposure to Liquid Oxygen (LOX) in the turbo pump. He added, “Ensuring bearings exceed expectations in extreme environments requires cutting-edge bearing engineering knowledge along with outstanding manufacturing capabilities and materials”.

The Launch Canada 2023 competition was held in September at Timmins in Ontario with 18 student teams participating and several hundred students attending, supported by industry sponsors including Pratt & Whitney, MDA, along with provincial and municipal politicians and speakers from leading Canadian and International associations. Adam Trumpour, a Propulsion Specialist with Launch Canada commented, “This year we significantly expanded our activities, partnering with Mattagami First Nation holding a series of outreach events with local students, including the obligatory model rocket launches. This was the first time students could engage with the aerospace industry demonstrating their rocket engine projects, including one with a 9000 lb thrust LOX-Kerosene engine which successfully completed two 10 second hot firings and now holds the world record as the largest student-built rocket engine ever tested”.

The event attracted extensive media coverage, including a feature by CTV News Canada.


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