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SEW-Eurodrive Expands Motor Portfolio-KMK Bearings

www.powertransmission.comMay 18, 2023


SEW-Eurodrive is expanding its comprehensive portfolio to include new motors for purely inverter operation. The synchronous motors of the DR2C.. series satisfy the highest standard-based efficiency class IE5 for adjustable-speed electric motors. This makes them yet another sustainable and energy-saving motor variant. 

Switching from line-operated motors that run on an inverter or line-commutated motors to motors that have been developed for purely inverter operation offers major potential for additional energy efficiency gains. This is clear even from the stipulations set out in the relevant technical standards. For instance, while Part 30-1 of IEC 60034 stipulates that the highest possible efficiency class for line-operated motors (whether they run on an inverter or not) is IE4, Part 30-2 of the IEC/TS 60034 standard sets the highest class for inverter motors at IE5. The biggest savings are achieved when the potential for speed control that these IE5 motors offer is consistently and effectively utilized in systems and machinery. 

When combined with efficient gear units and intelligent frequency inverters, they produce energy-saving drive solutions that home in on losses in the widest range of applications. Addressing the interplay of components as part of a predictive approach to running systems helps achieve bigger energy savings than simply boosting the efficiency of a single component. 

From a systems perspective, the IE5 motors from SEW-Eurodrive offer further benefits. Designed as synchronous motors, their rotational speeds are not load-dependent. Daisy-chained system parts can thus be designed with connections that are mechanically locked rather than friction-based. Another key advantage of the synchronous motor technology is the virtually loss-free rotor and the resulting low thermal load. Cooler motors have longer service lives. 

The DR2C.. motors will be available with power ratings of up to 3 kW. They achieve efficiencies of up to 91 percent; in the latter part of 2023, this will be followed by greater power ratings up to 11 kW, and up to 94.5 percent in IE5. Combined with the full potential offered by the frequency inverters of the MOVI-C modular automation system from SEW-Eurodrive, it is possible to create energy-optimized drive solutions. Efficient components and controlled systems together have a positive impact on carbon footprints. Realizing the potential that exists in terms of energy is a socially responsible way of shaping the future.